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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bird Watching

I am a birder, not a twitcher.

A twitcher will travel many miles to spot a rare bird. When he gets there he just ticks it and off on his way to find another rarity.
You normally see them in long lines, jostling with their telescopes to get a view of the rarity.

Instead a birder normally visits his local bird reserves and gets whatever turns up.

Today we have been out to a reserve called Drakelow, which is a disused power station.
Near the hide, they put out lots of food for the birds during the winter months.
Our first bird was a Great Spotted Woodpecker, feading off a lump of fat.
Then a Willow Tit kept nipping out for a seed or two. They do not stay long. Instead the Robin was posing in the winter sunlight. Below the hide, we had a view of a Water Rail, popping out of the reeds. Then a pair of Reed Buntings. The far side of the water, a grey heron stood motionless, waiting for a fish. Cormorents were perching up in a tree. On the water there was a pair of young GoldenEye, Gadwall, Teal, Pochard, Wigeon and a shoveller.
A Kestral perched in a treetop as we walked around the reserve. Then in another hide we saw an adult GoldenEye. A Kingfisher flew right in front of us, like a firework flashing in my binoculars.

After our birding outing we called at the Village Club for a welcom drink and a couple of games of chess.

On returning home I made myself a nice hot Chicken Vindaloo Curry.


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