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Monday, November 28, 2005

Ham Radio

Wilst in QSO (talking to) a radio ham N3ATV,
Fom Baltimore, I used Google Earth to find his QTH (location).
His house is the large white building near the highway.

Ham Radio is a great hobby. You can talk to people all over the world. I used to have lots of radio equipment to do this. Then I discovered internet radio.
I mainly use a program called EchoLink. You must have an Amateur Radio Licence to do this.
There is also a program called InterAce which again is for Licenced Amateurs only.

This evening, I went onto EchoLink and noticed a station G3XII, that is X-Ray, India, India, not the roman numeral for 12. He lives in Layland Lancashire. Although I now live in the Midlands, my Lancashire origins prompted me to call him.
I found he was already in QSO (having a conversation) with a station N3ATV from Baltimore.

Using Google Earth, which is a wonderful 3D satalite program of the world, I was able to locate his house. He talked me through it and we got there in about five minutes.
You can pinpoint any location you wish in Google Earth so I made him my first entry. I should be able to have a collection of my contacts on the map eventually.

Although we are talking on the internet, we still use all the same procedures that we would use on HF or VHF radio. In fact our licence requires us to do this.

The Q codes which I have used, QSO, QTH etc. were originally designed for morse code, but we tend to use them also in phone conversation.


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