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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stamp Collecting

Today is dull and rainy and I am working on my stamp collection.

I am a Stamp Collector, not a Philatelist.

Philatelists study stamps in great depth, looking at watermarks, perforations etc.
They usually specialise in a single country or period and are prepared to spend lots of money to obtain a rarity.

Stamp Collectors, like myself, usually collect stamps from most countries of the world and swap them with other stamp collectors.
I mainly do this on line, using a Yahoo site called StampSwapClub. There you can post emails about the stamps you have to swap. Or you can respond to emails from the other club members.
You automatically receive such emails. The membership is about 350 so I am not bombarded with emails.

I am currently working on the stamps of France and putting them in a new stamp catalogue.
I mount the stamps using traditional stamp hinges and write the catalogue number under the stamp.

I find stamp collecting a very relaxing hobby.


At 6:28 AM, Blogger Aman said...

Hey Guys, I recently found my dad's stamp collection, but it is on very old collection book and I wanted to trans fer stamps to a new book. Can you people please guide me how to do that without damaging the stamps.


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